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What We Do

Apart from providing free medicine and health check-ups, the Ila Trust also provides the following:

  • Our New form of prayers is to distribute eggs and bread to migrant laborers in Chawari Bazar.
  • Blood tests through external laboratories at the expense of the Trust.
  • Treatment for Tuberculosis.
  • Treatment for HIV by giving ART drugs and/or supplemental medicine
  • Create awareness on hygiene, birth control, child care etc
  • Distribution of condoms as required
  • Distribution of water bottle
  • Distribution of biscuits to children to improve nutrition
  • Distribution of blankets to the needy in winter
  • Distribution of clothes to patients throughout the year
  • Distribution of shampoo to people suffering from scalp diseases
  • Distribution of sanitary pads as required
  • Distribution of protein power and soya nuggets for malnutrition
  • Distribution of soap as and when required

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