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Our Background

The Ila Trust was founded on October 26th 1994 by Reeta Devi who began working with Mother Teresa at the age of sixteen. In 1995, Reeta started an ambulance in Guwahati, a city in northeastern India, with doctors, nurses and technicians.A year later Reeta spearheaded the establishment of a hospice for AIDS and AIDS-related diseases in Guwahati for Mother Teresa.In 1997, she set up her own hospice in a Boro tribal village in northeastern India. Here she continued her work in all spheres of health care, which included HIV/AIDS. In 2003 the Ila Trusts first mobile clinic in Delhi started with two doctors and a nurse on board.The Ila Trust received its second mobile clinic, donated by the Elton John AIDS Foundation, in March 2007. In 2012, 3rd mobile clinic-van has been donated to us by a well-wisher. The three mobile clinics, Eleven doctors, four pharmacists, six screeners, three drivers and some administration staff, working within several Delhi slums form the backbone of the Ila Trust The work performed by the Ila Trust is dedicated to Mother Teresa and The Missionaries of Charity

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