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Health and Nutrition

Improving the health of people means not just providing medicine, but also doing our best to improve our patients quality of living Keeping the mobile units as a base, we also perform the following activities.

  • Besides distributing blankets, biscuits, soap, soya nuggets, sanitary pads, now thanks to Suhel Seth and Karan A Chanana we are distributing 1kg packets of rice to our needy patients.
  • Our New form of prayers is to distribute eggs and bread to migrant laborers in Chawari Bazar.
    Create awareness on hygiene, birth control, child care, etc
  • Distributing sanitary pad  where required 
  • Distributing soap and shampoo where required 
  • Providing biscuits to children (improve nutrition)
  • Distributing clothes to patients throughout the year
  • Distributing  blankets in the winter
  • Distributing  soya nuggets where required
  • Distributing mineral water bottles

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