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Priyanka, 6yrs. Old, has Mitral Stenosis(heart disease). We are providing her free medical treatment from Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon courtesy Sonia Singh(NDTV) and Jasrita Dhir . Shabnam Arora is helping with Priyanka’s educational support .

Site: Okhla, 20 year old girl with fungal infection

Shaheen  Age 3 years, Site Sarai Khalil
She burnt her arm after hot tea fell on it. The burn has healed wonderfully and she is fine.

He came to the van on the 16th of February. His right hand been burnt by a firecracker. His family in a rush took him to Safdarjung Hospital. There the doctors cut of his fingers, apart from one, the index finger. They then told him that the whole hand would have to be cut off, as gangrene had set in. Then through someone they heard of the Ila Trust Van.  Dr. Vincy took on the case and in one month, through regular dressings the entire hand has been healed and been saved.

Zainab, Age 6 years, Site Shastri Park
She burnt her back after hot water fell on her. Our doctors treated her and the burn has healed completely.

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